Yellow Watermelon?

I am food-knowledgeable. Well, at least food-knowledgeable-enough to write a blog about food. That’s why I was surprised to come across Yellow Watermelon. I gleefully stumbled upon it the other day as though I’d struck gold (juicy, delicious gold), and quickly asserted myself a pioneer in this fruit species. I was certain I’d go home and find a mysterious and murky entry about the elusive Yellow Watermelon on Wikipedia or some strange blog from a far-off land, learning that it grows only in the heart of the Amazonian jungles, and that few people have ever sunk their teeth it’s sweet, sunshiny flesh.


Seems that yellow watermelon–which tastes like the red variety but sweeter and with a honeyed flavor–doesn’t even get its own Wikipedia entry. In fact, this is the only mention of my mystical fruit: “[watermelon] has a smooth exterior rind (green and yellow) and a juicy, sweet, usually red or yellow, but sometimes orange, interior flesh.”

Usually? Hmmfph.

I guess I am not as food-knowledgeable as I thought. Which, actually, is quite a wonderful thing. To think of all the foods I can still discover….