Blog or Bust #1

OCTOBER 4th UPDATE: Click Here for BLOG OR BUST #3 Details:
I’ve felt a bit, how do I put it, pudgy ’round the middle lately. After reading Kristen’s post about weight loss on Dine and Dish I took a deep breath and stepped on the scale. Fortunately not as bad as I feared but a few added pounds made me realize that food-blogging leads to a bit of over-indulgence (who could blame us—we read about food all day!) and sometimes weight-gain.

Henceforth Blog or Bust. I’ve only food blogged for a few months, but I’m so into it I guess I’ll give event hosting a go.

This blogging event will feature healthyish foods that won’t bust the measurement tape. There are no rules about low-carb or low-fat (though I’d love some recipes), but all entries should have good health in mind—be it the inclusion of whole grains, nutrient rich ingredients, etc. A dish that you won’t regret cleaning your plate for! You don’t have to include a calorie count, but you can if you want, and the calorie count doesn’t have to be low as long as the recipe is nutritious. Feel free to add any weight loss tips or tidbits in your post! If you have any concerns about whether your recipe is nutritious, send it anyway! I’ll post and we can all discuss what we think.

I’ll post a theme for each month’s event.

The first Blog or Bust event theme is “Party food.” Since it’s summer, and everyone loves a get together in the backyard, beach, or park, this month’s theme can feature the food you’d like to eat there. No rules really—other than creating something “good for you” (we need to get into those bathing suits ya know!) Your dish can feed a party of 30 or 1, so no need to focus on potato salads and fruit punch (though those would be great too!) Simply create a dish you’d like to share with family and friends.

Here’s the details:

  • Post a healthy recipe on your blog between today and July 18th. Don’t worry if it’s not the healthiest thing ever—the most important aspect is that you won’t feel you’ll bust the scale when you eat it! We’re talking guilt-free deliciousness here!
  • Mention Blog or Bust in the post and add a link back here.
  • Email me the link to your post at
  • Check back at July 18th to see your post!!

Hope you can join! 🙂