Blog or Bust #1 Round-Up

Blog or Bust #1 feels like a huge success to me! I’m so excited to have a bunch of fantastic recipes from bloggers all around—I was a little nervous that no one would join in. My mother too, confessed that she was anxious for the upcoming event, hoping that people would join her daughter’s party. It felt a little like playing at recess, hoping some of the cool kids will play your game—and I’m delighted to have some super cool dishes to display!

Blog or Bust #1 Round-Up

M of The Hungry Phase created a low-calorie Sushi Restaurant Salad, No-Fail Potstickers, and a Tangy Dipping Sauce to go with them. Usually I am afraid of potsticker recipes, thinking them too complicated for my clumsy fingers, but the No-Fail title and the fact that they are freezable encouraged me to go for it. M’s recipes offer sound cooking advice and detailed directions—the recipe is absolutely No-Fail when you have such great guidance! DELICIOUS!

Lisa from Lisa’s Kitchen cooked up some Chana Masala, or Spicy Indian Chickpeas. She started from scratch sans a recipe and the outcome looks drool-worthy! I can smell all of the sensuous spices and seeds just by looking at it!

Sara from What Smells So Good? brewed together some fragrant and cooling Minty Lemon Tea. She wonderfully explained how lemon can lower your Glycemic Index and mint will aid digestion (something that many of us need help with at summer parties full of hot dogs and beer!) The tea can be served hot or cold—so this is a year-round must-have!

From Maninas: Food Matters we get some mouth-watering Fiesta Chicken and Black Bean Salad! This Salad is made with summer’s ripe Roma tomatoes, spring onions, corn, chicken, black beans, and rice—sounds like a party to me! There are also some great tips and suggestions. I absolutely love that readers are encouraged to experiment!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tigerfish from Tezcape got creative with a Vegetarian roll. The roll has a beancurd skin with tofu, celery, and mushroom fillings. It is gorgeous! What’s more—it’s a super healthy dish that involves deep frying! Now, how can you beat that? And a fruit cake for dessert? Let’s party!

You can check out my entry here. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who joined in. I look forward to seeing entries for Blog or Bust #2!!

Now, I am off to vacation in East Hampton, NY until Sunday night, I’m so excited! I’ll be taking pictures of all the fish and chips and pizza places I go to for when I return—I think this week I’ll be busting instead of blogging, huh? ๐Ÿ˜€


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