Blog or Bust #2 Round-Up?

Ok, so not only am I lazy this summer—going to the beach most weekends and doing absolutely nothing, but I’m also a bad blog-event host. I didn’t even participate in my own event!

Well, that’s not altogether true. I made a healthy dessert, involving red, black, and yellow plums, some phyllo dough, and a little honey and cinnamon—but I didn’t photograph! Jim and I stayed at his parent’s house, playing house while they were away this weekend. It was fun and super relaxing—and I even had a big kitchen at my disposal! But, alas, no camera. I’ll have to make my dessert again and take pictures to snip into this post, but for now, thankfully, we have two delicious delectables to drool at:

The wonderful independent baker, Sarah from What Smells So Good? presents to us some of her cute “When the Bees Met Lemonade” cookies! They look delicious, but if you don’t want to trust your computer screen on that one, you can buy them at her Bumblebee Bakery!

RosieCat from Life, Love, and Food (what a perfect combination) created a healthy dairy-free Peach Sorbet. It sounds amazing! I’ve recently found out that I’m no longer a sufferer of peach allergy, so I am super excited to make this. I love that she uses a teeny-tiny food processor—that’s what I have in my lil’ kitchen too!

And since it was only us three this time around (well actually, them two since I didn’t participate!) I decided to link in some mouth watering summer treats that I’ve noticed in my blog-hopping this past month. Thanks Sarah and Rosie!!!  I’ll have a post about the next blog or bust soon—any ideas?

For now, feast your eyes on these links!

Myriam, from Once Upon a Tart, created a beautiful (and season-friendly) Cinnamon-plum Compote with Raspberries. If you don’t know of her blog, you are in for a serious treat. Even though I don’t bake sweet-stuff normally, I look at this blog daily. Over at A Self-proclaimed Foodaholic, Swee opted out of making a heavy, decadent cake and got down with a basic Damp Lemon & Almond Cake. Simplicity looks pretty damn tasty! Ever since buying Supernatural Cooking, I’ve adored Heidi Swanson’s blog 101 Cookbooks, so I brought it back a ways and found an interesting recipe from June 2006—Whole Grain Mexican Wedding Cookies. She points out that similar cookies, bought at the bakery, sacrifice the flavors of good ingredients in order to cut costs, so if you are going to break your diet to have dessert, the best bet is to make it, using great ingredients and care! I found a sweet and pretty lil’ dish over at Dine & Dish. Kristen slushed up this Kool-Aid Slushie for her son, who had his tonsils out. So, even though it’s full of sugar, getting your tonsils out could be a great excuse! Err, or maybe we’ll just indulge in it to beat that summer heat! The guys over at Hedonia poached peaches in mint jelup. Bourbon, mint, peaches? Give me a hot summer night and a seat by the pool and I’m in heaven! The cute and classy Chez Pim blogged about another strictly adult-dessert, Prunes in Armagnac. She suggests serving with your favorite pound cake or chocolate dessert, or simply as a digestif. Finally, the Summer Berry Pudding from Deb at Smitten Kitchen certainly catches your eye. The deep red and purple of summer berries screams “eat me!” and lets me drift off into summer dreams! And last but not least, one of my favorite bloggers, Sassy from Sassy Radish took a break from custards and ice-creams in her new ice cream maker and made a fat-free frozen watermelon treat that makes my mouth water!

Okay, I think I’m on a sugar-high now for sure!