Blog or Bust #3!

Hey Guys! I’ve been putting off the blog or bust because I couldn’t think of a creative event title. But you know what, I’ve decided against all that—Blog or Bust #3 is going to be simple. It’s fall. We all love fall food—pumpkin, apples, squash, with it’s comfy spices (nutmeg, cinnamon) and warm-up your heart feel. So, Blog or Bust this time asks for you to create a “Fall” dish—pumpkin pie, chili, gratin, soup, the possibilities are almost endless. Something comfortable, something cozy, something hearty. Something that screams “Come on, holidays, do your worst!” We need to prepare ourselves for winter, people, and the best way to do that is to fill our bellies with something delicious, nourishing, and homey.

We don’t, however, want to feel like stuffed turkeys, so keep things healthy.

Here’s the details:

  • Post a healthy recipe on your blog (or email me a recipe if you don’t have a blog) before November 25th. (Thanksgiving recipes would be great!) Don’t worry if it’s not the healthiest thing ever—the most important aspect is that you won’t feel you’ll bust the scale when you eat it! We’re talking guilt-free deliciousness here!
  • Mention Blog or Bust in the post and add a link back here.
  • Email me the link to your post at
  • Check back at November 25th (or the day after if I’m too stuffed with turkey that weekend to blog!) to see your post!!

13 thoughts on “Blog or Bust #3!”

  1. Yay! Thanks for bringing this back! I’ll bring somethin’ great and light to the party, since all our Thanksgiving stuff is gone (being in Canada, it was last week)!!

  2. Perfect theme for the event! I love healthy recipes, especially when they are cozy and comforting:) count me in!!

    I’m hosting AFAM-Peach event on my blog this month, and if you have some time, I’d be glad to have one of your entries! check the logo AFAM-Peach onmy blog for details.



  3. I don’t have much experience at coming up with my own recipes, but I’m trying to develop something now that I think will turn out really well! If anything else, your little competition will get me off my butt and in the kitchen 🙂

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