In with the New: Coconut Fish Stew

I am a self described “lover of all things food.” If you ask, “Hey Robin, is there anything you don’t eat?” I’ll probably reply with some snide food-snob comment like uhh, I don’t know, “chickens that are fed on cow feces,” or “McDonald’s,” but I’d be hard pressed to give you a real answer.

See I’m a very proud person. And when I say proud, I mean bull-headed. I consider myself in love with all kinds of food, I’ll eat anything if you dare me (and even if you don’t), and I’m resistant to let on, even to myself, that I just don’t like something.

Especially when it’s one of those “cool,” “fashionable” food-items like quinoa, acacia, or coconut milk. How could I turn up my nose to all the things the “cool foodies” are into today??

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