With Growth Comes Change

I’ve changed! With the one-year birthday of Clumsy Cook coming up, I decided to get a new look—and a new NAME! Over this past year of cooking, studying, and blogging, I’ve learned so much about food that I simply don’t feel clumsy anymore. Now, I won’t promise that I still do get the here-and-there burned fingers or ruined recipes, but all-in-all I’ve become so confident in the kitchen that it feels like I’m misleading you with my name.

So I’d like to introduce the new name—Caviar and Codfish. To me, this name sums up me. I’m a Gemini, which means I can have dueling personality traits. One of them is my love of things fancy and my love of down-home country-casual. I feel this relates to my food—as one day I’ll be making truffled potatoes and the next will be meatballs. I love it all equally. And the name—just say it—Caaa-veee-arhh and codfish. The caviar rolls off your tongue and, well, codfish is best said gruffly, with your nose all scrunched up. So there it is, hello and welcome to caviar and codfish!!