Lame Baker

I’m usually a good Daring Baker. I may wait until the very last minute to do a challenge but I’ll get it done and, more importantly, get it done right—which means no cheating on the recipe rules.

But not this time. See, this go-round I got lazy and by Saturday night when we got back from food shopping and I realized I forgot to get lollipop sticks, I threw caution to the wind and decided to make “Cheesecake Balls” not “Cheesecake Pops.”

Maybe I should have planned better. Maybe I should’ve went to the craft store earlier in the day and bought the sticks. But life, as it tends to do, got in the way.

Our Saturday was spent at Shadfest, the annual festival in Lambertville, NJ honoring the shad that swims through the Delaware come springtime. Jim, Champ, and I lazily traipsed around the festival—not thinking about Daring Bakers for one moment—eating shad wraps and taking photos. By the time we got home, tired and happy, I almost threw the whole notion of cheesecake anythings in the trash.

But then I got a second wind and decided to make the balls. The cheesecake was surprisingly easy. I divided the recipe into fifths, because one can only take so much cheesecake. Everything was whipped up in cute little bowls since the ingredients were so fractioned off (.04 cup of flour can’t really mess up your kitchen). However, once the cheesecake came out of the oven, I was already tired, and didn’t want to bake anymore (but, of course, wanted dessert for the night). I rolled the balls up too soon—they were bumpy and quite ugly—and then froze them solid while I continued to finish dinner and get a bit zonked on some good wine. A little bit later, I tipsily dipped the balls in chocolate, threw on some sprinkles, and devoured some immediately, watching an episode of Entourage. I didn’t, silly me, even take a picture.

Luckily, there were some left over (still on the plate, which I threw in the fridge before bed, you know, for food safety) and I took some snaps this morning, trying not to get chocolate on my new MacBook.

The recipe for the real cheesecake pops is here and here, at the lovely sites of this month’s Daring hosts, Deborah from Taste and Tell, and Elle from Feeding My Enthusiasms. And of course, you can find all the links to the other (better) Daring Bakers here.

25 thoughts on “Lame Baker”

  1. I love that it looks, in your last photo, like your balls had a wild party on that plate… knowing how great they taste – I am sure they had a rocking good time! 🙂

  2. Were so bad aren’t we? I did the bottle of wine thing and then went on line and found out the challenge date was today!!! I made the cheesecake and it was still warm when I went to bed. Got up around 4 and finally put it in the fridge!

    Yours look great and I like the ball idea. I ended up using bamboo skewers!

  3. Dang irl … those look great! Honestly, sometimes throwing something together results in some of the best somethings around. Hey, that sounds like the makings of a t-shirt …

  4. I love the balls! We actually ended up taking out the sticks and eating them as balls anyway, because they were easier to eat that way! I’m glad you were able to complete them – they look great!

  5. I really believe that procrastination is a true Daring Baker ability. 🙂 I think I shall deem these cheesecake truffles, and they’d look great stacked with other round treats.

  6. Anything is better with wine, and I am certain there is a wine out there that pairs super well with chocolate covered cheesecake balls.

    Now there is a line that makes me giggle!

    Those look so yummy…..SO yummy!

  7. I don’t miss the Popsicle sticks and I’m betting your audience didn’t either. I thought rolling the pops in the melted chocolate was the most fun part of the challenge… and performing that step a little ‘zonked’ sounds like even more fun.

  8. I think little poppable balls is perfect. And, your excuse is even better. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend of life 🙂

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