A pretty house.

Apologies for the radio silence here; I haven’t been posting or commenting because of a nasty, nasty stomach bug.  In the meantime, at least I have a pretty house to gaze at from my window.

See you soon.

And Happy Valentine’s Day!  Wishes that all your food stays down!

6 thoughts on “A pretty house.”

  1. I wish my food wasn’t so gravitationally challenged. But maybe Valentine’s day and stomach bug were meant for each other, spent their whole life searching for one another, and found each other last Saturday.
    Cute blog, been dropping in for a bit now, just haven’t gotten around to commenting.

  2. I got hit with it Saturday night, all night, but I thought it was from my students’ tres leches cake at the class Valentine’s Day party. It was really good cake. But I already have the flu, antibiotics, guaifenesin, and the humidifier in teh bedroom. It’s not fair. It’s just not fair.

    1. Thank you Joan, Melissa, Jess, Nijma. I’m feeling better now but just finally got out of my post bug funk this afternoon (new post, yay). Here’s hoping none of us get sick anymore this year!!!

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