Big news.

I have big news!  Jim and I got engaged.  Engaged!  On a walk along the Delaware River (I told you we felt love-y on the river); I was walking ahead with Champ and turned around to see Jim, looking just a little stricken, kneeling as he pulled out a gorgeous, brushed-metal gold ring, and asked if I would marry him.  I said yes, yes!, and as soon as I started marveling at how cool and composed I was, I got a bit nauseous and we stumbled over to a rock to sit down a minute, and then, appropriately, kissed like never before, and stared into each other’s eyes, and then out at the river, and then gave each other a high-five.

I had no idea how much the news would affect me.  After the short bout of nausea, I was elated—elated—to be getting engaged to Jim.  I’m head-over-heels in love with him, and said yes instantly.  We walked around some more, stopped by the shop that sold Jim the ring and gushed, made our calls, ate a lazy lunch (letting everyone at the shop know we just got engaged), and went to the butchers.  Like any old day, really, except we were grinning from ear to ear, and a little bleary-eyed over the excitement.  Excitement for the engagement, of course — and for the meal to come.

Jim and I rarely eat expensive cuts of meat.  We spend enough money buying the best meat from local sources around us, and if we bought the best cuts from them, well, our landlord wouldn’t be too happy at the end of the month.  But engagement celebrations?  Splurge!  We would’ve bought the whole beast if we didn’t keep reminding ourselves of our lunch at Le Bernardin the next day, so we settled on a big hunk of rib-eye.

Jim is really the mastermind behind this steak.  He marinates it and cooks it without a hint or comment from me, as I busy myself with the sides (roasted potatoes, sauteed kale, balsamic onion confit, and a green salad).  The marinade, he tells me, is garlic, thyme, salt, and oil, with a sprig of rosemary to rest on top.  This sits for a few hours while you dance to Love Me Tenderly by the Felice Brothers with your fiancee.  You cook by searing the meat on all sides, and then finishing in the oven at about 400F or somewhere around there, depending on your steak.

The steak was fabulous, every side worked, and the overall dinner was only heightened by the fact that we were staring googly-eyed at one another.  Afterwards, as we ate Hostess-style cupcakes from the local startup sweet shop, Annie’s Ice Box, and watched Eastbound & Down, nothing could’ve been more right about the day, the dinner, the everything. I’m a big, happy, ball of mush. With a ring on her finger.

Rib-eye à la James Salant

  • Two-pound rib-eye
  • 4-6 Cloves garlics, minced
  • 6-8 Stems Thyme, minced
  • Salt, lots
  • Pepper, lots
  • Olive oil (4-6 tablespoons)
  • 1 big Sprig Rosemary

Salt generously the night before. Coat with garlic, thyme, and olive oil some hours before cooking, laying sprig of rosemary on top. Sear aggressively on all sides, especially the fatty ones. Roast for 15-20min at 400F.

53 thoughts on “Big news.”

  1. Congrats! Getting engaged and married were the last things I thought I’d ever do but I hooked up with a real traditionalist. It was a lot of fun and a lovely thing to do, lots of delicious food and drink too. Have lots of fun!

  2. Congratulations to you both! What wonderful news. I love how unique the rings is too. It sounds like a perfectly amazing day (especially when ended with steak and cupcakes).

  3. Congratulations, you two lovebirds! Engaged! Amazing how these things turn an ordinary day into a most extraordinary night.

    Best of luck with your wedding plans!

  4. AH! Congratulations! Sounds like an absolutely lovely meal for a lovely celebration. Still thrilled with the composition of that table photo, BTW. Perfection.

  5. Congratulations.
    Consider having your wedding at the Mill in Stockton and using a local caterer…there are several fine restaurants and caterers who could make a memorable meal for your guests.

    1. Though it won’t be for a while, the Mill was in my thoughts for our wedding, and I’d love to find a good local caterer. Any recommendations?

      1. I have had Marc Brown-Gold of Just Eat in Buckingham (PA) do several private events for me. Always a success. Also, Max and Me gets great reviews. Your friends and neighbors will have more suggestions. The mill is a great location for a wedding. I think your guests will be impressed.

  6. I do love the photo of the table….it’s almost like you were hanging from the ceiling!

    Well, given the circumstances, that wouldn’t be a stretch now, would it.

    Congrats to you both! It sounds like a blissfully perfect day, and meal.

  7. Awww!! Congrats. Two of my college friends just got engaged (to each other). The bug is going around…maybe I’ll catch it one day.

    Feel free to use KaTom for any of your wedding needs, haha. We even have ice sculpture molds.

  8. AWwWWW that is adorable, and I love the Felice Brothers! Great choice for an engagement theme — you should try getting them to play at your wedding 😀 Congratulations and I hope there’s more steak, fabulous walks , good music in your shared future!

  9. Congratulations, hon!!! That is so flipping awesome 🙂 May the two of you enjoy years upon years of health, happiness, bliss, growth, love – all of the good things in life. xxoo

  10. Congratulations!! What a perfect way to celebrate. My fiance cooked me an amazing meal when he asked me to marry him–and it felt so perfect to be celebrating at home, around our kitchen table.

    1. That is how we like to celebrate too. We went to a bar to celebrate this weekend too… and were laughing that whole time about how much more fun we had at home, cooking.

  11. Again, congratulations!!! So thrilled for you guys. And this post had me very teary-eyed. Hee. Your fiance. Being married to your best friend is the BEST thing in the world. I’m always deeply glad to see other people have that too.

    Great steak from Jim, but I’m even more in love with the sides. Nice meal you two cooked up. One of many, many more to come, to be sure.

  12. I’m even more in love with the sides

    As you should be; the onion confit, especially, was out of this world. It’d take to talent to fuck up that steak.

    Thanks all for the congrats! I couldn’t be luckier.

    1. I love you so much, Jimmy, and couldn’t be luckier myself. I’m so happy to spend the rest of my life with you. And I promise to stop throwing my engagement ring at you when you make fun of me. Oh wait, no, I don’t promise that. ❤

  13. I’m so happy for both of you! Enjoy the next few weeks – they will feel like a whirlwind of lovely emotions and smiles. Yay!!

  14. A beautiful post to share your news.
    Love the ring and the steak, the confit looks great and the overhead shot of it all complete with
    tattoo is lurvely.
    auguri, congratulations to you both.

  15. Congratulations! Enjoy this time where the whole world is there to support the beginning of this new life together.

  16. stumbled on your site a few months back and have been getting caught up with archives; getting to know you both and was just thrilled to hear the big news! Congrats! What a perfect day and I have a feeling that there will be many more in your future!

  17. Fantastic! So very happy for you both. Congratulations.
    D and I always celebrate happy news with a juicy steak too. Shall pass this way of cooking on to him. 🙂

  18. congrats on your engagement i might however be just a tad bit more excited by the ribeye! Sorry….

  19. Just found your blog through foodgawker. Congrats! You have the most beautiful photos-it’s what drew me to your blog.

  20. Great news, congratulations! I love the simple ring, I think it’s so much more elegant than the monster diamond that most girls desire.

  21. this post just finally popped up in my reader, but since I saw the Flickr pix before I get to be excited for you all over again! 🙂 That is SUCH an awesome engagement story… and a gorgeous steak. (The ring is awesome too, as is Jim. But you knew that.) Congrats to you both. I cannot wait to see what a fabulous wedding you guys plan!

  22. Robin, congratulations..I’m very happy for you and in true foodie fashion…you also celebrated with a fine steak dinner.

    Say no more…I know you had each other for dessert! lol

  23. Congratulations!! That is so awesome! The whole blogosphere is grinning with you. And what a great way to start off a wonderful life together – that steak looks delicious!!!

  24. I was excited when I heard yesterday that you were Engaged since I myself am totally in love with my husband and best friend, Robert, but reading the story made me really emotional for you. You seem like a lovely girl and we wish you the best!

  25. Just so you won’t go through life wondering why this wonderful moment made you feel sick, I’m sure what you define as “nausea” is what the world has always meant by “swooney” or “coming over faint”. You were overwhelmed by emotion, and may well have fainted had you not sat down. What a fairy-tale! All the best.

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