The Rosemont Cafe

Hi there! We’re back from our vacation and we’ve finally shoveled all that snow. Before I write about our trip, I want to post this review of The Rosemont Cafe in Rosemont, New Jersey, and announce that I will be writing about the food of Hunterdon and Mercer Counties in NJ for the website Jersey Bites! I’m very excited to work with Deb Smith and all of the others who will be joining this new project.  Over the next few months, exciting things will be happening, so if you live in NJ, bookmark Jersey Bites. (If you don’t live in NJ, you could always bookmark it anyway, nudge, nudge.)

My fiance, Jim, and I owe a tiny part of our upcoming marriage to the Rosemont Cafe. Now I’ll admit that sounds a little cheesy, but we are getting married, and it was just Valentine’s Day, so hear me out. A few years ago, when our relationship was a fledgling thing, with all the excitement and insecurities that come with a new relationship, we spent many nights camped out at our table in the back of the homey, dimly lit cafe, sharing a bottle (or two) of wine (it’s BYO), talking about poetry and life over caesar salads and grilled duck breasts, falling in love.

You can read the rest of this post on Jersey Bites. (go on, click)

6 thoughts on “The Rosemont Cafe”

  1. The Cafe at Rosemont has been a part of our lives for 25 years.
    It’s a warm, welcoming place. Despite changes in ownership, quality still matters and price is fair. I’m not a brunch person, but Rosemont remains my first choice for a weekend morning meal.
    Their international dinners are always a treat. BYO is a bit plus.
    And, did I mention “Potatoes from Heaven”?

    Congratulations. You continue to do great things for Hunterdon/Bucks food and eating.

    1. That’s great to hear about you and the Cafe. I wonder if we’ve ever crossed paths there before–I go often with Jim and his parents. I’m embarrassed to admit though, I’ve never had the Potatoes from Heaven!

  2. what a special place to review for your first jersey bites post! honestly, i’ve never had a desire to visit new jersey, but your prose and photos makes me want to go and get that sunday burger! and bangers! and duck! very thrilled about all of it — food, travel, new projects, weddings, falling in love. all of it.

  3. Congratulations! That’s a fabulous review – and I had no idea New Jersey could look so beautiful. I think you’re the only person on the planet who can convince me I’m missing out by not having visited New Jersey. (I blame the bad jokes and cartoons over the years…)

    And I love the new photos! Of yourself and the blog. You look awesome in that jacket; it reminds me of a burgundy one I own.

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