Elements, Princeton

My fiance, Jim, grew up in Princeton. So when six months into our relationship I packed up all my things and moved from North Jersey to a tiny apartment in Princeton Junction, I figured he’d know where to get a good Sunday brunch. I was wrong. It’s been a sore spot in the otherwise loving affair, but thankfully, with six months to go before our wedding day, the situation has been rectified.

French toast; Egg with Brioche, Bacon Custard, Maple Foam

Elements is the place to go for brunch in Princeton; the place, also, to go for lunch, or dinner, or a fine round of drinks. …You can read the rest of this post on JerseyBites.

1 thought on “Elements, Princeton”

  1. That looks like a perfect soft-boiled egg! It reminds me of the soft-boiled egg and toast my grandmother used to make.

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