Recipes, What’s Up, Etc…

Tiny Lobster ShackSince my site, Caviar and Codfish, was hacked in 2012, I really didn’t do much to get the links in order, or re-make a working Recipe Index. Life, it got in the way.

I opened a tiny-batch ice cream shop that I’m super proud of, called Half Pint Kitchen, but then after five years my husband and I decided to stop the constant ice cream cooking (yes, cooking, like custard) and churning and move up to the coast of Maine, where we live now.

I’m hoping to get this old site in order, because I am very proud of the little food blog I wrote before food blogs were super-cool. But, there’s a few things in my life right now that might make this pursuit take longer than I hope… So, if you want a copy of one of my recipes, look at the top right of the page: my current email. I will find it for you and get it emailed right away. You can also use that email for anything, like saying hi to your old blogger friend (we were a close group back when!) or, if you are starting out as a food blogger, feel free to write me about how I got started. Or, really, just if you feel like emailing, go ahead. I’ll get back to you.

I do hope I get all the links working soon, and I know I will in time. Until then, here’s my old blog; enjoy!

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