Buon Viaggio Risotto

My younger sister leaves for a semester abroad in Florence tomorrow—and although I may be a smidgen jealous—I’m bowled-over excited and happy for her. As an older sister, I still think of Kathy as a little baby, and something about her getting on a plane to fly thousands of miles away, all by herself, to have six months filled with adventures in Italy, chokes me up a little. I’ll probably be fretting and nervous the whole time, waiting for a call or email to see how things are going, wishing I could be in control. I bought her travel guides for Christmas. If it were up to me, I would have planned her itinerary.

But, when thinking of her trip, after the jitters wear away, a wave of excitement washes over me. I took a trip to Italy years ago, and it changed my life. I know the same will happen to her. Italy—the food, the people, the pleasures—are so wonderful, so memorable, so different than American life, that I don’t think anyone could spend a measured amount of time there without being forever changed. Already, I can’t wait for her to get back, to see what she’s wearing and to hear her stories, but since she’s not even gone yet, we had to stop fantasing over her return and celebrate her voyage! Continue reading “Buon Viaggio Risotto”