There Will Be Blood Oranges

I like to keep this food blog about food and just that. I don’t like to bring too much of my other interests into it—I don’t talk *much* about my favorite TV shows, authors, or political candidates. You came to see what’s cooking and I respect that. But, sometimes I experience something that’s just too good to not talk about. That happened this weekend—and since I also experienced some food that is certainly worth mentioning—I figure there’s no harm done in a movie-plug.

There Will Be Blood, starring Daniel Day Lewis, is in my opinion, the best movie in years. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Reviewers have been raving, and the movie sales are going swimmingly despite it being in limited release. The movie is a spectacle to watch and the acting is untouchably superior. I could watch Daniel Day Lewis all day long, whenever he’s on screen it’s impossible not to be in awe. And the story, though grim, is exciting and eye-opening. There Will Be Blood is an American epic of an oil-man and of the ill-effects, and the nation-building, of capitalism and greed at the turn of the century.

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